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Other people sometimes consideres her to be stupid, this includes Zhou Yu.Because of this she considers herself to be stupid and slow-minded.The Brothers is played by group band Lollipop F It contains fifteen songs, in which ten songs are various instrumental versions of the five original songs. The opening theme song is "Brown Sugar PK Show" by Lollipop and Hey Girl, while the ending theme song is by Lollipop entitled "Love Macchiato".Qiao Qian (喬倩), better known as Xiao Qiao (小喬), is a main character from the series of K. In chronology, Xiao Qiao was born on April 26th, 4332. Whenever she assumes something bad, it always happens, which frightens everyone when she talks out loud.She believes to act using instict, emotions, and her heart, rather than her brain, because she believe that by using them, the result is the most truthful.She sometimes act without thinking and this became a problem for her friends from time to time, for example in 15th Round.Xiao Qiao's father is director of the Jiang Dong High School board, but because she doesn't like living at home, she was transferred to Dong Han Academy since childhood.Her older half-sister is the beauty of Jiang Dong, Da Qiao.

Even though she seems to always shows her feelings or unable to hide it from anyone else, she was able to hide her sadness from her friends do to her painful break-up with Zhou Yu for two years.

However, there is only one catch: they must attend the same school and live together in the same house for a year.

In the end, they become from total strangers to close brothers, as well as making themselves adaptable to the changes in their life.

To add to their stress, someone is after their inheritance, trying to make them break their contract, and is sending people to their school to do so.

Meanwhile, love blossoms among the brothers and their classmates.

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