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She was crowned Miss Northern Ireland in 1999 (beating future Big Brother contestant Orlaith Mc Allister).In 2009 she was placed at number 20 on FHMs 100 sexiest women.Salmon faced criticism when she chose a symbol for a 'Best of British' logo, to be used by British Airways to decorate a Boeing 757.She said 'I'm from Ulster, and I'd like to cover a plane with the Red Hand of Ulster: that is our proud symbol.' though it is also used by Republicans and nationalists and is emblazoned on the nine-county flag for the province of Ulster, as well as the old Northern Ireland flag, and by the GAA (including the Tyrone GAA's crest).She was originally meant to replace Liz Barker when the latter left on maternity leave; however, Barker had already returned by the time Salmon made her debut.

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After the filmed segment of the challenge had been shown, the magician joined Salmon in the studio for a live performance of the sawing in half illusion, in which Salmon was sawn in half inside a clear-sided box in a version of the illusion called "Clearly Impossible".

In 2009 she appeared on Shooting Stars on Jack Dee's team, alongside comedian Noel Fielding.

In 2009 she presented 8-part series Skillicious on CITV alongside Nigel Clarke.

In May 2009 she appeared in FHM magazine with another Blue Peter ex-presenter Konnie Huq.

Two separate collectable covers were printed for the issue featuring the two women, but the content of the magazines were identical.

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