Updating a database using coldfusion Chat cam philip

I could also pass other common table names like Members, News, Pages, Content, CMS, Transactions.

(I wouldn't do this, but you never know when another user might.) There's a really easy solution, Oh wow...

At which point I have two j Query variables that are set to the "ID" of the item changed as well as its new "rating." I just need to find a way to use these two variables to update the table in the database.

On the main page, I now have a simple j Query AJAX post call: You need some kind of button to change the rankings of the options, right?

There are two general approaches to this interface.

The first approach involves a URL-based technique for selecting the record to modify.

You can also add some simple debugging like writing to a file to log the executed attempt?

One thing that stands out to me: Should the I don't use cfupdate or cfinsert, but I don't think any cf flavor supports the syntax you're trying to use, which leads me to believe it's an easy mistake.

The "cfupdate" mistake was definitely the initial problem.

Next, an HTML form containing the editable fields needs to be created.

This form must be prepopulated with the data from the record to be edited.

I found an answer in a different discussion that I think is quite relevant but it doesn't provide enough information for me to know exactly what to do with it.

In short, how do I use AJAX, in congruence with j Query and Cold Fusion, to update the database without the need for a save/submit button?

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