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Each of the 1318 had ties to two or more other companies, and on average they were connected to 20. What’s more, although they represented 20 per cent of global operating revenues, the 1318 appeared to collectively own through their shares the majority of the world’s large blue chip and manufacturing firms – the “real” economy – representing a further 60 per cent of global revenues. Pushing the analysis further, they say, could help to identify ways of making global capitalism more stable. The idea that a few bankers control a large chunk of the global economy might not seem like news to New York’s Occupy Wall Street movement and protesters elsewhere (see photo).

Girand is also divorced and believed to have children from her previous marriage.“The View” co-host Meghan Mc Cain is engaged to Ben Domenech, a conservative writer and publisher of online magazine The Federalist, Page Six can exclusively reveal. John Mc Cain is expected to announce on the ABC show that she and Domenech, also the writer of political insider newsletter The Transom, plan to tie the knot.Mc Cain, 33, and 35-year-old Domenech, who is a former speechwriter who also co-founded the Red State conservative blog and regularly appears on Fox News and CBS, are believed to have been dating for a while, but have kept their romance seriously under wraps, according to friends.Yaneer Bar-Yam, head of the New England Complex Systems Institute (NECSI), warns that the analysis assumes ownership equates to control, which is not always true. Most company shares are held by fund managers who may or may not control what the companies they part-own actually do.

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