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"It kind of breaks the mystique behind DJs and their real appearances." Shaggy is the proof of concept here — on Stickam you can see he's not the dreadlocked island Rasta listeners might picture but a ball-capped white dude from North Carolina.Stickam has also attracted a number of You Tube and My Space personalities, many of whom say the ability to interact with fans is the real draw.A new report about the ties between a live Webcam chat site,, and a large online pornography conglomerate underlines the seriousness of these risks, hitting us close to home here in the United States.

"The video element lets listeners feel like they're a part of the whole process," said Hawaii reggae DJ Shaggy Jenkins, answering a question via Stickam in midshow.

Their next effort, he said, will arrive on a CD packed with Stickam promotional material and software.

He also expects Story Told to install more cameras in their house, sacrificing even more of their privacy to marketing gods.

Stickam's FAQ says, "While Stickam has established rules keeping children under the age of 14 from becoming a member, it is easy for children to lie about their age and thus gain access to content which may be inappropriate and unintended for them.

It is up to parents to properly supervise their children's online activities." The worries escalate from there, especially as one considers the possible uses of the videos put up on the site.

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