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North Korea did a poor job obscuring its first nuclear test in 2006, when xenon and krypton isotopes detected in the atmosphere allowed scientists to conclude that the country had used a plutonium-fuelled device.The country has since improved the design of its nuclear tests to make radioactivity less detectable from a distance.S.—and Taiwan, Singapore, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia.

The North said its latest nuclear test involved a thermonuclear weapon built for its developmental intercontinental ballistic missiles that were flight tested twice in July.The crowd was older than I’d expected, and the ambience felt more like a video-game convention than like a pop concert.About three out of four people were Asian-American, but there were also Caucasians of all ages, and a number of black women.Shortly after the nuclear test, Seoul announced it reached an agreement with Washington to remove the warhead weight limits on South Korean ballistic missiles.Under a bilateral guideline, these could be built for a maximum range of 497 miles.

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