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Police and the private sector should monitor the Internet for the growth of alternative forms of payment "as a potential consequence of further migration from traditional payment systems to a new, largely unregulated digital economy," Europol said.

A Manhattan man’s cyber-sex session on Skype ended in an online blackmail plot by a woman to whom he exposed himself on camera, police sources told The Post. While he struck several scandalous poses, he never realized the woman was recording every embarrassing thing he was doing.

I have an interesting situation and I'm hoping I can get some advice here.

I live in USA Florida and my girlfriend lives in Ukraine. In the beginning I asked her what turns her on in sex. I was surprised because she didn't seem the type - at all.

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But soon afterward, he got a call from the woman, demanding he cough up 0 or she would post his shameful Skype video to You Tube and Facebook.

Feeling helpless, he wired her the money through Western Union, the sources said. The woman called back later and demanded another 0, the sources said.

The man reported the shakedown to cops, providing a possible name for the perpetrator.

My question is: What sort of ways can I begin - easy, simple acts of domination.

I phrase my question that way, because not only are we having online cam sex, she speaks only Russian and I speak only English.

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