Sedating your dog for a flight

Many dogs are already used to riding in the car, but for cats, who have a reputation of being less likely to enjoy a travel adventure, getting them comfortable in the car might require a bit more training ahead of time.

“You can even have someone else drop in an occasional treat while they’re riding in the car so they get used to all the motion,” Dr. This will help your pet associate that motion with something positive.

Out the hotel's back entrance, stainless steel dog bowls filled with fresh water are set out to rehydrate tired pets returning from brisk walks in the mountain air.

Thanks to a surge in the number of pet-friendly hotels, airlines with pet-friendly policies and pet immigration guidelines to facilitate international travel, more people than ever are taking their dogs overseas with them.

This training and advanced planning can help you avoid sedating your pet, Dr. “People want instant success and in reality, from the animal’s perspective, they are a whole lot better off if they don’t need any kind of sedation.”The American Veterinary Medical Association also recommends not giving pets sedatives or tranquilizers before a flight due to heart or respiratory problems that could be caused by altitude pressures.

Some airlines may require a signed statement that your pet has not been tranquilized prior to flying.

She recommends starting by feeding your dog or cat in the carrier without zipping it or shutting the door.

“Just putting in treats, leaving the opening open and then gradually, after a few weeks of doing that, you may shut the entrance for a couple of seconds, then a little bit longer, a little bit longer,” and so on, she says.

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You need to prepare them for the long journey and let them get used to their carrier. So I conditioned Julio and rest of my dogs to gradually be able to wait two, four, six, eight hours." Before you buy a pet crate, check out the International Air Transport Association's list of pet carrier requirements, which most airlines adhere to.

create a pet passport, which is "a collection of all identifying and required documents for entering a given country," advises

A pet passport is an essential part of the Pet Travel Scheme ("PETS"), a system that allows animals to travel into the United Kingdom without undergoing quarantine if all the regulations are followed.

Once your cat or dog is comfortable being shut in the carrier, you can start getting him used to the movement of the carrier being picked up and put down, then moving on to walking a few steps with them in the carrier, Dr. “There’s a lot of motion that goes with that and the animal should be comfortable with that motion,” she says.

It's important to make certain your pet—dog or cat—is comfortable in the car since that will mark the beginning of the trip and the motion can feel similar to what they'll experience on the plane.

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