Sedating a dog for grooming

When an animal becomes dehydrated while under sedation, its general health and well-being are usually at risk.

Also, if the pet wakes up, feeling alone and confused after sedation, the grossness and panic that may follow is usually much worse than the one you were hoping to avoid.

When the cat opens its mouth, take the other hand, press down on the cat's lower jaw and push the pill in.

If the sedative is a liquid, make a pouch of one cheek and squeeze the medication in.

All in all, dogs can suffer different types of anxiety such as social anxiety, where they tend to become anxious and nervous around humans or other dogs.

It’s best to administer the recommended dosage in food or on a treat.

There are also pills designed to calm down a dog with allergies that usually come with itchy skin, watery eyes, and other issues which tend to lower down the general comfort level.

These pills may not be sedatives, but they are amazing in helping poor Fido get a few moments of rest and calm.

No matter how desperate the situation may be, only a veterinarian should administer chemical sedatives to an animal.

The best course of action for the pet owner is attempt one of the many natural sedatives for pets that can either completely or partially sedate the animal prior to grooming.

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