Rus v dochat 18

The first game was practically decided in the 3rd frame When the Pirates pushed across e runs;. Leapo Wertman pinoh hitted for Dump Long driving out a Texas League single which he turned in'o a double putting two men in scoring position.

The Big Bertha bombardment of Paris proved no more than a nus-iance, but Churchill indicated that last years plans were of far ereater sc Pe- Anotner nignpomt of Churchill's 1 address was his remark that he is ' not ready to be "put out to grass", He signified his intention to remain at the head of the government becauseas he put it "there still is a lot to do." Denounces De Valera The British premier warned world that Europe still faces danger of totalitarian rule.

Both teams drew a run in the seventh as game went into extra innings with rain causing it to be postponed as Sageburg took the field in the first of the ninth. Y.; Joseph William Kelly, Jr., of 630 Bear Valley, Shamokln, and Alvln Williams 52 Queen Street, of Wll-llamsport, all 14 years of age, escaped Friday evening from a correctional institution near Plttston, and had stolen two cars, were apprehended at A. at Market Street and Fairmont Avenue by Sunbury police. Kelly told police that he had been sent to the Catholic correctional Institution two months ago by Judge IL W.

Foust and Weidensaul each drew a walk as bad ball handling caused Foust to score the tying run. About an hour later the theft was reported to the Milton detail of state police and a teletype was sent out immediately for it.

Less than half a ball apiece As Marty Lyons points out, any let-up in turning in old balls for rcpro-Icesslng will strangle the game...

Hardest hit by the ball shortage are service men who come out to play on furloughs.

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