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We all project our own wishes and needs onto the person based on online messaging.

Meet them after just a few days of not too much messaging and be on your guard not to reveal too much during that time. People are disappointed by their dates in real life probably 70% of the time.

At this stage it can be easy to become insecure and start wondering what you did wrong, but this is just a very common phenomenon in today’s dating game.

After dating a few different people, you’ll find it happens to you too.

You’ll soon realise that there are other considerations, like shared values, emotional responsiveness, empathy, listening skills, how they deal with difficulties, etc.

Don’t let the emotional power of the connection cause you to put up with mediocrity or being treated badly!

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Read back over the messages AFTER things don’t work out and you’ll spot the signs ….

Be honest: how many of lies on this list do you believe?

If you're like most people I work with, you probably believe a majority of them.

You’ll become aware of the illusion of a “strong connection” with someone.

It happens more often that you’d think and it’s not the basis for a relationship.

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