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It helps if you can choose a location where you can move around the subject to get different angles.If you can only shoot from one angle then this will limit your creativity.Sand can act as a lovely warming reflector, directing sunlight upwards; especially nice for portraits where your subject is laying down.Remember though that sand and cameras don’t mix, so take extra care when swapping lenses or accessories.It is one of only two gold selling singles for the band (the other being 1979's "I Was Made for Lovin' You"), and their first of two Top Ten singles (along with 1990's "Forever", #8) in the US.Beth was named #3 in VH1's 25 Greatest Power Ballads.Some of the initial credit for the flip-hit goes to Rosalie Trombley, at the time the music director at "The Big 8" CKLW in Windsor, Ontario.Trombley's daughter had a copy of the 45 and was hooked on "Beth", and began nagging her mother about it.

To date, it is their highest-charting single in the US, reaching #7 on Billboard's Hot 100 chart.Live, "Beth" was performed by Criss alone on stage backed by a tape of the instrumental track.The acoustic version featured on Kiss Unplugged is the only recording with members of Kiss solely backing up Criss."Beth" wasn't being promoted as the "A" side, but Trombley added it to CKLW's playlist.After "Beth" became a smash, Kiss presented Trombley's daughter with a gold record.

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