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But usually when states consider the idea, they decide against it.

Already this year, the bills in Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee have been withdrawn or killed.

That could mean restricting only certain types of unhealthy food.

But it’s very hard to judge an individual food item for how healthy it is, Vollinger said, as it could be judged on sugar, fat or sodium content — which would all give you different results.

Law enforcement investigators seek access to private user information stored by websites, routinely imposing a gag order that prohibits the Internet company from telling anyone about the demand.

Don’t you at least have a right to know the rules governing such quiet disclosures?

The USDA has so far denied all requests from cities and states to ban the purchase of certain kinds of food using food stamps.But the bill failed to make it through the Senate after merchants complained it would be too costly to implement.Bentley said she is now working on changes to make the bill more specific.In blocking Minnesota in 2004, New York City in 2011 and Maine in 2015, the agency said the proposals were not specific enough or wouldn’t provide a sufficient evaluation of success.But Mary Mayhew, Maine’s Health and Human Services commissioner, and other officials think there may be more interest from the federal government under the Trump administration. Collin Peterson, warned that the issue isn’t as straightforward as it seems.

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