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Unfortunately, my mom came home earlier than expected.She didn’t catch us naked or anything, but it was still embarrassing because we were disheveled enough that she knew my girlfriend and I were being intimate.” The solution: Since Gabriel finds it hard to be romantic with his parents around, he should try to negotiate with his parents to find time when he can have the house to himself, perhaps every other weekend.“If I ever want to bring a girl home, just to watch a movie or cook dinner or something, I can’t,” Gabriel complains. It’s always at the girl’s place or in the car or at a hotel.“Having your parents around when you’re trying to cozy with your date dampens the whole thing. I would never have sex in the house with my parents there.“My mom was good about compromising in the beginning; she said he could stay over as long as he stayed in my brother’s old room.But of course, we would sneak into each other’s room—and playing musical beds at 5 a.m. Now she won’t let him stay over at all, so I always have to go to his place.“Gabriel can invest in a small hibachi and dazzle her with his cooking skills that way.This takes the parents out of the equation altogether and he can really impress the girl.” Name: Karen Age: 23 Years at home: All her life Hardest part?

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“Karen wants to get to know her date before her parents do,” Medea says.

We asked four live-at-home daters to reveal their biggest hassles when it comes to living at home; then we got Andra Medea, author of Whitney Age: 24 Years at home: 4 Hardest part?

“My boyfriend is free to come and go—as long as he doesn’t spend the night,” Whitney says.

Maybe I should stay there or he can stay here.’” That should get the topic out in the open and both sides talking about what makes sense.

Name: Gabriel Age: 27 Years at home: 6 Hardest part?

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