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That's all bull****, women should just quit being so damned stuck up and superficial in this town.

Everyone I meet these days is either stuck up or some ugly ***** who thinks they're sexy ****ing anything with a dick that comes their way.

Last I checked, women love a professional man as much as you love beautiful women.

If you "really" want help you should want to hear all opinions.Finally, you say you're successful, so maybe try flaunting your money a little bit.The expression "nobody likes a show-off" is not true.Make sure you are doing all the other crap too like going to horse races and whatnot, and sooner or later you will probably bump into somebody. for a long time maybe you should just do what every other guy does to get girls: build your social network.Cold approaches here can work but many girls will reject you merely because they don't know who you are, while in another situation such as a party with friends, these very same girls will be more receptive because your friends give you "social proof".

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