Is colby donaldson still dating vanna white

You're truly a special person with your funny silent laughs! You are going to make some ladies very lucky one day. --Your Ml Lornee Sapphire Huey You captured my heart from the first time I laid eyes on you. I just sit there and sigh, wishing that we could be together. : Kenneth Daniel Marales You are so hot, cute and sweet.

--403 Derrick Yee, Michael Duong, Doug Obana, Steven Vasquez, Brandon Lim, Marcus Wong, Eric Chu, Alvin Lee (not in the picture), and Matt Campbell (not in the picture). -Brandon Lim Kevin Duong I've thought you were cute since 6th grade! -Anonymous Becky Quan Ever since I met you, I knew you were someone special. Now that you are graduating, I think you should know that you mean the world to me, and always will. You place your sweating palms on your chest in a pathetic attempt to control the frantic thumping. You are a pretty fly white guy and as cuddly as a teddy bear.

You close your eyes, squeeze your fists tight and before you know it you have the design of your dreams permanently inked on your body forever. Valerie is sportin' the retro style costume f 1 : v r 7 If s the unluckiest day of the year- a day of ill-starred omens, misfortune, and all-around bad occurrences. Lincoln's very first dance of the year turned a day of falling pianos and muddy puddles into a freak night of dancing, grooving, and a union of Mustangs, old and new.

Many students at Lincoln High School go through this tedious procedure to get a permanent design onto their body. Friday the 13th's Freaky Friday dance reintroduced the sound of popular music and the rhythm of swaying bodies to the North Gym, which was transformed into a dance hall for one night.

For freshmen, this year placed them one step closer Xo grasping a complete sense of belonging and acceptance to the Lincoln family.

We have all taken different steps in our lives to achieve our goals. We picked the sweetest expressions of hidden affections and here they are, secrets no more. Eric Chu I just had to let you know that you are adorable and very attractive.

The departure of seniors has brought juniors one step closer Xo the role of school leaders and role models, being that next year will be the final element of their high school experience.

Sophomores are halfway done with school and on the stepping- stone to being upperclassmen.

My knees go weak when you speak and 1 want to lick you when you smile! To many, friends are the backbone of our crazy life in high school.

Friendship lasts forever, through good times and bad.

They are there to support you when you feel the rest of the world is against you.

The middle of the week had people wearing their clothes backwards and inside out! "Today's Octoberfest." Your stomach quiets down, knowing that in a few short minutes your last class will be over and you will be free to drift from table to table, able to sample tasty foodstuffs from any of the clubs and organizations being represented. Though the sason may not have been amorous, the skills our frosh Dph team learned this year are e invaluable keys to a great | arsity season next year. Comprised of experienced seniors and juniors, along with a few outstanding underclassmen, this year's team was yet another superb bunch of girls.

Thursday, Halloween, made it a tough decision for students who wanted to show their spirit and dress up in costume. Lincoln's annual Octoberfest is the first major event of the school year and, to many, the best. (bottom) Buy a spring roll from the Vietnamese Club, and your very own ALHS student! Before these guys 9came top-name NFL stars, ey were all part of a J. Now, as the seniors are departing with fond memories, the remaining players must prepare to once again take the court, set to kill.

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