Invalidating warranty

Every warranty to which this Policy or any item thereof is or may be made subject shall from the time the 'warranty' attaches apply and continue to be in force during the whole currency of this Policy.Having bought nine new Vauxhalls since 1960, currently owning an ’08 Vectra CDTi, I have always done my own maintenance, with much information obtained from the local Vauxhall franchise and a cursory check by Vauxhall service engineers afterwards to maintain the warranty, charged at a very reasonable hourly rate.Would a change of tyre improve matters and, if so, any suggestions? W., Wimbourne Changing the tyres won’t make that much difference.

So, it is anticompetitive for a printer manufacturer to invalidate the warranty on a new machine simply because you bought your ink from another source.With the arrival of a new assistant service manager this month, no help is forthcoming without full rates being paid.As a pensioner with more than 50 years engineering experience, I object strongly to forking out on oil and filter changes, windscreen wash, coolant and brake fluid level checks, etc. The EC has directed that a manufacturer warranty cannot be affected by a car being serviced outside the franchised dealer chain but it must be serviced to the manufacturer stipulated schedule, using the specified fluids and parts.“The Scat Pack factory stage kits can help boost 5.7-liter HEMI performance up to an additional 58 horsepower and 47 lb.-ft.of torque, allowing Dodge enthusiasts to extract the maximum performance from their vehicles without the fear and guesswork typically associated with modifying late-model vehicles,” said Tim Kuniskis, President and CEO, Dodge Brand.

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