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If you scroll down there will be a Facetime Live Photos toggle and all you have to do is flick it on.Once you have this turned on anyone who Facetime you can take a photo of you, so flick the switch at your peril. They function like any photo or screenshot, they will appear in your photos app ready to be edited or shared. New Control Centre You can now customise your control center to meet your own needs.But the best point in the article is made by adult actress Teagan Presley, who highlights a technical shortcoming of the face-to-face nature of video calls.i Phone users will be acclimatising to the latest version of i OS as Apple released the i OS 11 operating system this week, and it has some pretty cool features.As Quentin Boyer of adult production company Pink Visual told the : "A phone is such an intimate thing, you usually don't lend it out or have someone else use it." At least not without cleaning it first, we hope.

In order for someone else to take a Live Photo of you while you’re having a Face Time video chat, you’ll need to enable it. If you want to take a Live Photo of someone else, send these instructions over so everyone can enable it.You will not be surprised that the porn industry is all over the i Phone 4 like a bad case of the clap.The latest business opportunity is, almost inevitably, Face Time, although it probably won't actually be called reports that "video-sex chat services [...] are hiring workers through internet adverts." These services would connect you one-on-one with the sex worker of your choice. Because Face Time is Wi-Fi only, you won't be surprised at the end of the month by huge and scary charges on your phone-bill.Apple Maps will not be able to instruct you on direction from within a building such as airports and shopping centers.Multitasking just got real with Quick Type With one tap of your finger, you can orientate your keyboard to make typing with one hand easier by moving all the keys closure to your thumb.

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