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"I enjoy playing points in practice and competing, but day-by-day drills, day-by-day baskets, gym – no," Gulbis said. I can put my music on and just think my own thoughts. But I can't really push myself to practise at the same level for a really long time." He admitted: "I'm a guy who goes up and down. In February 2010 Gulbis won his first title at Delray Beach.During the subsequent clay-court season he reached the quarter-finals in Barcelona and followed up his semi-final run in Rome by beating three more higher-ranked opponents in Madrid before Federer gained revenge.The rest is just natural." • On the rumors that he travels to tournaments in his father's private jet: "Yes, and I have a helicopter, a submarine and a spaceship." • On coming from a wealthy family: "Because I come from a wealthy family, it's more normal for me to have this money as a tennis player. Ernests Gulbis was the talk of the French Open after blasting the big four of men's tennis as boring - and Andy Murray and Roger Federer do not disagree.Here are some of his best quips and anecdotes (with thanks to James La Rosa for this highly entertaining 2011 interview with Gulbis): • On spending a night in a Swedish jail in 2009 under suspicion of soliciting a prostitute: "It was great fun, but I'm never going to go to Sweden again in my life. Anyway, if she does ask, I usually lie; I say that I do nothing or I'm a musician or something. I think every person should go to jail once." Here's how he described the encounter in another interview: "I went out, met a girl, asked her to come to my room, and they came and arrested me. The other was, well, I watch these American movies and you get a phone call. But if you're in a practice week or in the middle of a tournament, there is no chance I'm going to go out." • On Russian vodka and America's lousy beer: "I like pure vodka. Also, one very good drink which I like -- you drink a shot of vodka and then you drink milk. It gets on my nerves a little bit when I'm playing badly." • On contemplating an early retirement, during a 2011 interview: "On one side, I don't like tennis.

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That's when you take it seriously."You don't get to see what people are really like from in front of the TV.

Coming from one of the wealthiest families in Latvia, Gulbis doesn't play tennis for fame or fortune. Two weeks ago, he talked about his love for the availability of marijuana in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Gulbis, in his inimitable way, said he didn't like seeing less-skilled players ranked ahead of him. The music is too loud, everybody's sweating, everybody's dancing, it's dark, everybody's pushing, everybody's drunk. You really need to control yourself not to get a blackout. I enjoy beer, but not this piss kind of beer you have in America." • On losing his wallet in Miami: "One girl asked me if I want to go for a swim. For every normal guy, in your mind is to get the girl in bed. I don't want to spend all my life running around, warming up, and all that stress. I'll be doing nothing in the country house." • On winning three points in the second set of a 7-6 (1), 6-0 loss to Gilles Simon at the 2011 Sydney International: "OK, I made three points. Next time I will make four." • On whether he preferred to face Mardy Fish or 6-10 ace machine Ivo Karlovic in the 2010 Delray Beach final: "Better Fish, because he's a normal tennis player.

This week, Gulbis, who won his first-round match in Delray Beach, Fla., and plays Sam Querrey on Thursday, was asked about his source of his motivation is these days -- he's dropped to No. "I was really getting pissed to see who's in the top 100," Gulbis said. And if you're the only guy sober in the nightclub, you don't enjoy it at all. [Fish] serves well, but at least it's understandable.'' [Gulbis wound up beating Karlovic 6-2, 6-3 for the first of his two career titles.] • On beating Roger Federer 2-6, 6-1, 7-5 at the 2010 Rome Masters, where he finally converted his seventh match point: "Well, I s--- my pants a little bit, excuse my language." • On his early tennis training: "Until the age of 13 or 14, I practiced four or five times a week for a couple of hours each time. I was going to school, doing what regular kids do, and tennis was something I was really happy to do.

Speaking to the Swiss press, he said: "I understand it, our interviews are not always the most exciting. After each match, we have to give press conferences."But also you cannot say anything you do not like about something to someone without being totally criticised by many people.

When the best week of Ernests Gulbis's tennis career ended in a battling three-set defeat to Rafael Nadal in the semi-finals of last year's Rome Masters, the Latvian might have been expected to take time to reflect on a memorable sequence of results. Then afterwards I went back with them to my apartment." Losing to Nadal is clearly a signal to relax.

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