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This is fanfiction, we're used to writers taking a long time to update or even stop writing completely, so if you can't post for a while because your dog ate your laptop or whatever, just focus on getting the little four-legged turn cough your laptop up again instead of wasting both our and your own time by posting an author note as a ruddy new chapter.That's not the end of my list of pet peeves by far, but these five I've come across so often in the last two weeks that it bares not only mentioning, but probably also repeating at some point.

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Not quite sure where the inspiration came for writing in that particular fandom came from, but whenever I've taken a seat and tried to do some writing, I've always wound up there for some oddball reason for the past couple of weeks.

I do have a life outside of fanfiction however, so don't go expecting my stories to be updated with any sort of regularity. No more to add on this particular story, unless I write a sequel or something somewhere down the line.

If one of my stories has more then one update a year, count yourself lucky! )" it means that it's not finished yet and that at least one more chapter will be making an appearance, sooner or later... Most probably later, much later, considering my erratic updating shedule. I have never dropped a story and got no plans on doing so either. What if the horcrux in Harry's scar hadn't quite been as contained by the Blood Wards as Dumbledore planned.

If you can't respond privately because some ruddy turd wasn't registered or didn't have the brass balls needed to give a negative review without logging in, then just forget about it and don't respond. Please, go the extra mile to create your own way of giving your character a curse, work out your own magic system or make up your own brand of Zombies, instead of cluttering up the Highschool of the Dead category here with something you should try to polish up enough to get a publisher to accept it.- Chapters that aren't chapters.

Found several examples lately where the responses to reviews took up more space then the actual chapter. If you absolutely have to let your readers know something, then edit an existing chapter and put your little note at the end of it or just put it on your profile, don't have an entire chapter be an author note.

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