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We are 16 742 members from more than 100 countries.You are invited to read the link "Sign up for MEMBERSHIP".For greater quantities or a valuable collection and you know what your items are worth, either conduct a private sale, advertised via a web site or if good enough, use a specialised commercial auction house.

You are better off using the dynamic page for the Radio Catalog.The HRSA can sometimes assist disposal of deceased estates of both members and non-members either via their auctions or, for a large number of items, an on-site auction may be possible.Please contact your nearest HRSA group for further details Parts such as valves are not normally hard to obtain, since stocks held by servicemen and suppliers generally ended up in private hands after such businesses closed down and are not designed for a particular piece of equipment.Every person truly interested in antique radios is welcome. As Doran pointed out, a year later there was a now-deleted post on another message board in which a user asks if Hilton got her "technician ticket during her last stint in the graybar hotel".

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