Dating separated man children

We've been divorced since 2005 and she took, with my consent (and an agreement in place for the kids to SKYPE, write and visit me in SA at least twice a year) the 2 kids (then aged 5 and 3yrs) to NZ that same year. Not helping or allowing me to be involved in the kids' live.Now they need passports/citizenship to travel to the US.It wasn’t to be though – although we limped along as friends for a little while, we became distant.

I listened to him moan about her, and worry about whether she was looking after the girls properly.

He stays with me and advised he will have the child at mine, I do not want anything to do with his ex or the child. Shortly after moving out of the marital home I started dating my current partner (18 yrs younger than me ;-) ) She was aware of the situation and although the children knew about her I didn't introduce them to her until 4 months into the relation ship (in contrary to theri mum who has introduced at least a dozen men in the past 3 years to them - my son actually walked in on mum and 'a strange man' one morning).

How likely is he to get awarded joint custody when his home address is mine and I categorically do not want involved? I couldn't give my new partner enough praise on how she has dealt with the ups and downs in the relationship, divorce and financial matters, unemployment and my children.

One man on here seems intent on boasting his partner is 18years says it all.

So as an older bacon he's expecting her to go chasing him and his kids and put up with his unemployment. As a womb can she not find a man who has a bit more dignity and respect for woman kind!

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