Dating platonic

It is named after Plato, though the philosopher never used the term himself.

Platonic love is examined in Plato's dialogue, the Symposium, which has as its topic the subject of love or Eros generally.

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Then there are those over the age of 60 whose coupling has evolved into a more platonic relationship.

They still like each other, but may sleep in separate bedrooms or even live apart.

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As we age, our bodies change both physically and emotionally.

This was caused by Georgios Gemistos Plethon during the Councils of Ferrara and Firenze in 1438-1439.

Later in 1469 Marsilio Ficino put forward a theory of neo-platonic love in which he defines love as a personal ability of an individual which guides their soul towards cosmic processes and lofty spiritual goals and heavenly ideas.

Do you know an older couple whose relationship still has the romantic spark it did when they were younger?

They hold hands, cuddle and coo and even kiss each other passionately in public.

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