Dating get out of the friend zone

But it's important to remember that getting out of the friend zone is no walk in the park.It takes time, emotional toughness, and a bit of groundwork, but if you play your cards right you can end up winning in the end.The problem is that many guys take rejection very personally and end up breaking off all contact with the girl. So instead of bristling up and acting upset when you're put in the friend zone, try as hard as possible to be okay with being just a friend.It's the only way you'll ever get out of the friend zone, and believe it or not, being in the friend zone can actually be a good thing for you.At the very least, you deserve to get out of the dreaded Friend Zone. (You do the math.) Do you discuss your current love lives?Signs He May Be Into You Before taking the plunge, that is, confessing to your crush, you should probably assess your current relationship status for signs that he might be into you. (If he’s telling you about all the other girls he’s dating, beware — possible player alert!

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So you really shouldn't take being put in the friend zone personally.

So if she's looking for other people to date, in order to level the playing field, you should be looking for other people to date too.

By leveling the playing field, you show her several important things that will help you get out of the friend zone: The importance of not being easily affected by rejection was explained in the previous step.

By showing her she's not that important to you, it'll help further level the playing field.

It shows her you don't believe she's too good for you.

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