Christian dating sites in houston tx

Sometimes it’s easy to forget you’re actually in Texas and should embrace the local culture – including going horse riding.

Taking part in some good old fashioned country fun is a great first date idea and helps you and someone special connect quickly. Our pick would be just 20 minutes north of Downtown, which offers pleasure and competitive trail riding in some of the most beautiful scenery in Texas.

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For those Houston singles who enjoy a more traditional date option, head to 13 Celsius bar for a glass of wine in a truly intimate, dimly lit setting.

Or take a day trip to Gulf Coast and embark on some beach horse riding.

One of the best ways for Houston singles to get to know one another better is by getting to know their city better and the Downtown Food Tours are an excellent way of doing this.

Embrace the romance with one of their unique and superior quality wines, chilled at the optimum 13 degrees Celsius.

They also offer a range of European cuisine to accompany your drinks.

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