Chille dating who has dougie poynter dating The woman who is assisting you as your matchmaker on the show, Tionna Smalls, how challenging was it working with her?

CHILLI: We are very opposite, but I had to put my trust in her.

So, as I got older, I learned from the mistakes and figured out what I liked.

chille dating-64chille dating-71 When was it created and how has the list changed over the years? I started the list in my 20s, an age when you make a lot of mistakes as you're still learning about yourself and Talk about this "Chilli's Checklist," why a list?CHILLI: A list will keep you from making a lot of mistakes, although I know it's impossible to avoid all of them.Thomas talks to about when she created the list, how Usher was instrumental in changing it, and how Floyd Mayweather, even with almost every quality on her list, is just a, um, *cough*...friend. The beautiful singer/songwriter Chilli seems to think so.Here's what you had to say: The Observer commented: "What about his integrity, monogamy, life goals, spirituality? The physical plays out over time and at the end of the day, you need someone that's going to be there for you through thick and thin." LB wrote: "She is someone's baby momma herself so how can she not want someone's baby daddy? He can't eat pork, or have more than two baby mamas. Last, but definitely not least, he must have a really huge p...package. Every Sunday night at EST, Chilli attempts to find him on her reality series "What Chilli Wants" on VH1.

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