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There is a wealth of information contained within the various pages of this Web Site. The "Link Buttons" on the left will help you navigate through this web site.We at GBGC1 are always open to suggestions and comments. They are located on each page for ease in navigation.If you are looking for a chat with a focus on gay women you will probably be more interested in chatting in our Lesbian Chat Room.

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    In this section, along with showing you some of the many different kinds of maps available to you, we will guide you to the best places to find these maps.

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    The Guardian Angels have also begun to include youth programs, teacher programs, disaster response, an Internet safety program called the Cyber Angels, and self-defense courses, as well as community outreach addressing issues beyond crime.

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    When I was inexperienced with girls, I used to be hugely judgemental about their sexuality, and fearful within conversations.