Bex taylor klaus dating

We'll be like, "Oh, by the way, I found out I might die" or "I found out I'm going to die so this will be my last episode." I don't think it changes anyone's performance.

I think we're all pretty good at not projecting and anticipating, and the directors are really good at working with us on that if we accidentally start to.

BUT there's a new killer on the loose and, once again, everyone's a suspect.

And that's gonna be an interesting story arc for her and for everyone to see exactly what Audrey can do.It gets even more amped this year because someone knows.In terms of Audrey having communication with Piper before, do you think there's a possibility that Audrey could have been an accomplice? Audrey's got a certain level of darkness that is absolutely beautiful to play.Enstars caught up with Taylor-Klaus on season two set, where she discussed Audrey's connection to Piper, her possible new friendship with Brooke and how the cast handles a character's death.Enstars: Where is Audrey at this season compared to last?

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