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This publication process is subject to the store's in-house review and certification policies, but in general apps and app updates can be made available quickly (typically within hours/days).In this paper we provide a survey of literature that performs “App Store Analysis for Software Engineering” between 2000 and November 27, 2015.App Store Analysis combines this non-technical information with technical information to learn trends and behaviours within these forms of software repositories.Findings from App Store Analysis have a direct and actionable impact on the software teams that develop software for app stores, and have led to techniques for requirements engineering, release planning, software design, security and testing.

App stores are a recent phenomenon: Apple's App Store and Google Play were launched in 2008, and since then both have accumulated in excess of 1 million downloadable and rateable apps.We apply the following In order to collect all relevant literature to date that meets the scope defined in Section 2.1, we perform a systematic search for the terms defined below, from each repository (also defined below).Unique papers are collected into a table, and a decision is made based on the inclusion criteria in three stages: Results are read fully and a judgement is made on whether the paper a) meets the key requirements on what is defined as “app store analysis” in our scope, or b) is very relevant to the field and so should be included as “expanded literature”, to put the main literature into context.The following definitions help to clarify key components of App Store Analysis literature. Those in the grey box cannot be considered technical in the strictest sense of the definition, because they are not guaranteed to be obtainable solely from the software in all cases.These attributes can be both non-technical and technical, depending on how they are obtained.

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