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“Hands down,” van der Pol said about wanting to a do a reunion. It was great, I’d do anything to get it back.” With the new Disney Channel series on its way, we’re seeing a good chance for a She’s proud of her work in the show. I think that’s actually her biggest proud moment out of all the plethora of work she’s done.” Well, now she gets to return to her proudest moment, bringing back Raven Baxter as a divorced mother of two. We can only imagine that the rest of the characters will probably be in *very* different places if/when a reunion happens, as well. And really just be doing good things around the world.

And as of last year, it seems van der Pol thinks her character might be in a relatively similar situation to Raven’s. Maybe even having a cooking show of health food.” Hold up, husband?

From 2003 to 2007, she starred as teenage physic Raven Baxter on That's So Raven.

And on Friday, Disney released the trailer for Raven's Home, the continuation of the popular TV show.

cast including Anneliese Vander Pol and Orlando Brown reunite on ? As comedians they were doing very funny stuff which Anneliese attributes to Raven as she led the way with her incredible physical comedy.

The cast explains the show was so successful because of the comedy and amazing chemistry.

Former Disney Channel co-stars Raven-Symone and Anneliese van der Pol joined forces once again Monday night for a special event in New York City.

The trailer begins with a voice-over by actor Issac Ryan Brown, who plays one of Raven twins, son Booker.'They say home is where the heart is. ' he says, as a collage of scenes of him and his family appears on-screen. The 32-year-old is now a single mom of son of Levi, played by young actor Jason Maybaum.The father of Raven's children in the series is Jonathan Mc Daniel, who played love interest Devon Carter in the original series.The series premieres on Friday, July 21 on Disney Channel."We're closer than ever — people are just now seeing it, I think!We talk about everything and we really call each other out when we're messing up," she said.

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