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For example, they address the very real problem of staying on the "search" too long and letting suitable candidates for marriage slip away.It is noteworthy that women more frequently make this objection that the right man has not yet pursued them.It is filled with advice that is redemptive, realistic, and relevant.Unlike many similar works written by Christians, the Chediaks do not advocate going back to the "good ol' days." Much of what passes today for "Biblical patterns of courtship" is, after all, simply the cultural norms of 19th century America.Many woman, for example, believe that there must be a "perfect match" for them out there, and its their job to wait for them.This may seem romantic, but it is horribly debilitating.(Bruce Ware ~ Professor of Christian Theology, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky)'Alex and Marni Chediak offer sound biblical advice and a clear Christian framework for working through the maze of confusions surrounding modern marriage.Christians young and old, single and married, will find help in this concise book.' (R.

This happens with some frequency where women have been duped by the media into thinking that marriage must be a state of perpetual bliss and that, if it is not, something must be wrong with their partner. 46-47)With One Voice is filled with such practical wisdom.

The books confused me, especially as all but two were written from the perspective of the American dating scene.

It bears no relation whatsoever to the life of a Christian in Ireland.

Instead, the Chediaks carefully delineate between biblical principle and optional cultural and societal norms and show how that must guide our choices.

Their approach is "counter-cultural" in the original sense of the term.

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