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In one of the tweets, the contestant appears to support deeming Black Lives Matter as a “terrorist group,” while in another, he supposedly asks, “When is the last time you actually saw a pretty feminist?There is a reason for this.” Referring to Hillary Clinton and O. Simpson, another tweet reads, “Hillary is the millennial’s version of O.A slew of tweets allegedly from contestant Lee Garrett’s Twitter account were leaked this week on social media, including one that reads, “What’s the difference between the NAACP and the KKK?Wait for it…One has the sense of shame to cover their racist a– faces.” ABC declined to comment.“Love Connection” shot over a period of about one week, bringing the New York-based Cohen to Los Angeles to do what he does best: prod into people’s personal lives.Within minutes of introducing the second contestant — whom Cohen dubbed “buff Jesus,” thanks to his large stature and long mane of silky hair — the host asked about the size of his manhood. “I’m very true to myself on the show, so when there’s a hot guy on the show, I say, ‘Wow this guy is really hot,'” he adds, noting that a gay man would not have been tapped to host a national TV show back in the ’80s when Chuck Woolery emceed the original series.De Mario, TMZ reports, “says he was not able to engage in intercourse because of the alcohol.”If you want to read the explicit detail, get on over to TMZ, but, suffice to say that genitals, faces, and licking are all mentioned. ” Lindsay cheered during a chat in Los Angeles in March, where she spent the day on a date. I just don’t want (race) to be something that’s my recurring theme of my entire journey,” she says.“I’m a black woman and I’m so happy to represent myself in that respect, but I don’t want it to be something that defines me and my journey for love,” she says. Though she's flattered to be asked, she has "no interest in politics," she said in a later interview.)Because Lindsay is among the oldest bachelorettes, she says ABC made her dating pool slightly older than average (there are some men over 30) and with professional backgrounds — a couple doctors and lawyers are mixed in with the typical models and personal trainers.

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swiftly issuing a statement confirming that filming had been paused over “allegations of misconduct on the set of Bachelor in Paradise in Mexico.”It’s been left to gossip site TMZ to fill in the salacious detail, with the site saying that the production was halted after a producer complained about two contestants “getting extremely sexual in a swimming pool.”The site says that its sources are connected to contestant De Mario Jackson, but adds the following caveat: “There are different versions and Warner Bros.

Facebook's new video platform Watch debuted something unique Wednesday: a virtual reality dating show. They choose from backdrops like outer space, zombie apocalypse or ancient Egypt. But the show does underline Facebook's commitment to VR technology.

If you've never heard of Facebook Watch, don't worry. They also have the option to ditch human form and turn into aliens, dinosaurs or what appears to be a cardboard box person. The social media platform dove into the field in 2014 when it purchased VR company Oculus for billion.

When approached by that the network only learned about the tweets when they were approached by the media on Wednesday, and had no prior knowledge of their existence, despite background checks for contestants who go through a vetting process when being cast on the reality show.

Though it seems a broadcaster would thoroughly check social media during casting, Garrett’s accounts are private.

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